I came up with my idea quite quickly. I heard the meaning of ‘flight of fancy’ and the idea came to me instantly as I had already been thinking of making a product like this. However, refining this idea took quite a while. I had difficulties coming up with a solid message that I wanted my product to convey. I knew it was going to be documentative but I didn’t know what I was going to actually say, or who I could aim it to. I wanted it to be very detailed and informative, but as I started making it I realised it would be better to be more specific about certain artists.


I didn’t do a lot of primary research. I released a questionnaire on my Facebook page to find out people’s opinions on foreign music. This was quite informative for me as I got a good amount of responses from a variety of countries. People were largely open towards foreign music. I expected this but it was good to have some evidence. This didn’t really influence my product, however it informed me that there would be a receptive audience for future products relating to Russian hip hop.


Secondary research was a bit tricky, but not as difficult as I expected. There are very few sources of information about Russian hip hop written in English, this meant the amount of info I could find to write about was limited. I chose to use bigger artists, as there was much more written about them in English. I could quite easily find info about the artists, such as age and significant points about their career. I found some documentative blogs/articles which were a good source of information as they were written by Russians or in conjunction with Russians. Overall, I was able to find a good amount of interesting for a variety of artists. I turned this info into infographics. I aimed to make them informative but not bombard the audience with facts. I was selective with info to hopefully make the audience intrigued and allow them to explore further themselves.


The production didn’t end exactly as I imagined, however it turned out better than I expected. I thought I would explore the genre in great detail, talking about the history of it and including comparisons between western and Russian artists. My past documentaries have usually been long and boring. I think if I stuck to the same plan I made at the start, my film would have ended up like the other documentaries I’ve made. To avoid this, I made it quite short. Its only about 6 and a half minutes including the intro. After the intro, I have the 5 artists and one of their songs with the infographics on screen. The songs last about a minute each, give or take 10/20 seconds. This meant they didn’t drag on but the viewer got a good feel for the sound. The infographics accompanied it well as they were on screen for about half of the duration of each song, or maybe a bit less. The audience could focus on the info, then the vid and music. It came to be like this after showing my initial product to some people and them saying it was too long and uninteresting. My initial product was the intro. I cut out a lot of shots and used a more energetic song. I preferred this and others did too, so I kept up the snappy format for the rest of it. I also watched some other short documentaries about the producer ‘Nujabes’ and the brand ‘Bape’. I saw how well the the snappy infographics worked and I knew my product would be better if I made it in a similar fashion.

The exhibition went well. Everyone liked the product and found it informative. It was a pretty good reaction; however, it didn’t intrigue people. Only one person became a bit more interested in Russian hip hop. This isn’t too troubling as it was a small audience that I wouldn’t expect to like it very much. The audience was partly old, as well as younger people that aren’t big fans of hip hop, so I wouldn’t imagine the audience to like the content of my product very much. The one person that became interested in Russian hip hop already liked hip hop. This response, as well as the response to my questionnaire tells me that the genre could gain some popularity here if it were to be marketed properly to a younger audience that likes hip hop.




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