This project was my second time making a Lego stop motion animation, this meant I had experience and the process was easier for me. I was able to obtain a consistent look for all of the shots by only shooting at home. For my first animation, I shot at college and moved rooms often, this affected the quality of the shots. This time I knew not to, and only shot in the same location with the same or very similar lighting each time. This gave all the shots a consistent look which made the final animation look better. 

I also came up with an idea early on. This meant I had time to do the pre-production to a good standard. Because of this, I could start my production relatively early.


I lost motivation towards the end of the project. I never actually finished all of the film. I made a few of the animated scenes and all of the live action. It came out good, I just had no desire to finish it. I don’t know why I lost motivation, it probably wasn’t because of the project idea as I quite liked it. 

My pre-production wasn’t very good. Early on I didn’t have a well-documented script, story board or shot list. I had a plot outline and made up most of the details on the fly. I did these parts later on.