This project was my second time making a Lego stop motion animation, this meant I had experience and the process was easier for me. I was able to obtain a consistent look for all of the shots by only shooting at home. For my first animation, I shot at college and moved rooms often, this affected the quality of the shots. This time I knew not to, and only shot in the same location with the same or very similar lighting each time. This gave all the shots a consistent look which made the final animation look better. 

I also came up with an idea early on. This meant I had time to do the pre-production to a good standard. Because of this, I could start my production relatively early.


I lost motivation towards the end of the project. I never actually finished all of the film. I made a few of the animated scenes and all of the live action. It came out good, I just had no desire to finish it. I don’t know why I lost motivation, it probably wasn’t because of the project idea as I quite liked it. 

My pre-production wasn’t very good. Early on I didn’t have a well-documented script, story board or shot list. I had a plot outline and made up most of the details on the fly. I did these parts later on. 







Derek, superiority complex, 30s. Somewhat average working man. Various innocents/victims of crime. Perpetrators of crime.


Penzance. Alleyways, grimy urban areas. Graffiti, litter, disrepair

Step outline

Film starts at the last event, foreshadows what happens later in the film.

Derek leaves a bar or café.

Walks through alleyway to see first event.

Animation of first event. Woman is being beaten up by some man. Derek intervenes.

Back to live action. Derek walks through more alleyways. Reaches second event.

Animation. Sees two drug dealers lurking, one has a knife. He confronts them, steals knife and uses it to kill both.

Walks through more alleyways and reaches last event.

A guy is being robbed at gunpoint. Derek intervenes but ends up injuring the victim. This distracts him and the robber shoots them both. A snippet of this scene will be used at the very start of the film.




Alfie Holmes

Personal profile

Hard worker, adaptable, reliable and have skills within Social Media administration.


Penwith College – 2015 to Present 

Currently studying the UAL Level 3 Media Production Diploma (which will total to 180 credits once complete).

Mounts Bay Academy – 2010 – 2015. 

Maths GCSE – B

Art GCSE – B

English GCSE – B

History GCSE – C


Ludgvan Primary School – 2004 – 2010

Work Experience 

Penwith College

  • Industry standard software
  • Production planning
  • Working as team and as an individual
  • Maintain blogs/websites
  • Camera work
  • Editing skills
  • Worked with live briefs and clients

Assistance in Make Industries (Penzance)

  • Deal with customers
  • Organise the shop
  • Sell products to customers
  • Helped to upkeep the shops Facebook profile
  • Maintained order of the shops

1 week of work experience at RLT architects

  • Supported a project to redesign Penzance Prom
  • Individual working practice
  • Communicated with other designers
  • Working to deadlines
  • Industry standard architectural software

Hobbies and Interests 

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Model making
  • Other arty activities


Available upon request.


University doesn’t seem very appealing to me at this point in time. I also have no desire to go into work or an apprenticeship just yet. I had a careers meeting which brought me to the conclusion that a business course may be good for me to do. I’m able to stay here for two more years, so I can stay for the full duration of the course if I want to. When the first year is over, I could continue or come up with a new plan.

  • How is this going to help me to progress to meet your chosen pathways?

This course will help me to gain a further understanding of the business world. This will help me to market/advertise whatever product I choose In the future. I also presume this course to be rather team based, or at least include some team work. This may help me to improve my team work skills, it also may make me more recluse, I cant be sure. It is also all coursework.  

  • How is this going to be achievable?

I can continue the course until it’s finished, it won’t cost me anything. From here I will have more experience with which I can make a plan for the future. I will also gain more ucas points which could help me get onto a better university course in the future if that’s what I end up wanting to do.

  • How realistic is the pathway going to happen/work?
  • What other pathways could you take?

I could have written a personal statement and applied for university, however I don’t feel ready for this now and don’t want to go to university. I could apply for an apprenticeship, which is more appealing to me than university.

  • Is the pathway going to be suited to your skill assets?

My parents have been self employed for the majority of my life, which means I have only ever seen things from a business perspective. This is likely to help on a business course, because I will partly be in the right mindset. I also have experience with gaining an Internet presence. I feel like I have some skills that will help me on this course.

  • Do you need to develop your skills?

I may need to improve my ability to work in a team. I also need to improve my written work, most likely.





Animation. I feel like the shots I used in the animation worked quite well. I used shots which showed the whole subject. I feel like I have a decent grasp of the different shot types used in film, and when I should use them in mine. There are some practicalities that I’ve had to take into account, for example I can’t use a wide shot during an animation because the set is usually not big enough. However I can use medium shots and close ups because it makes the sets and characters look nicer, it also makes it feel more intimate and real.

Editing. During editing, I was able to create the effects I wanted. I used photoshop for the blood, which looked rather effective. I edited the gunshots similarly, they also came out effectively. The sound came out rather well. I didn’t use any original Foley sounds, only premade sounds.

Set building. I was able to make the sets for the film, from scratch. I was able to make sets that fitted the mood of the film, which was quite dark. I’ve always had a good ability when it comes to practical activities such as model making or set building, so building the sets for my films hasn’t been difficult. As I’ve done it more, I’ve improved. I’ve been doing it on and off for several years and I’ve noticed that it’s a skill that I can leave for several months, and then pick it up and be just as good or better.

Gathering footage. I’ve been able to gather good examples of media to use in my projects.  I have made a few documentaries over the duration of the course. For these projects, I’ve had to find several previously existing products to include.


Photography. I’m not very good when it comes to photography. I’m not very competent with the equipment as I haven’t had a lot of practice. I feel that the photography lessons on Wednesday have been helpful for me. I would improve a lot more if I were to go out and photograph freely in my own time.

Written work. Written work is really uninteresting for me, this means I don’t put in a lot of effort and don’t end up with the best piece I could do. I could force myself to enjoy it, which may help me produce better written work.

Animation. I’m somewhat new to animation, so some of the animating I’ve done has turned out a bit jittery. I feel that my animation improved greatly on the second film compared to the first. As I do more animation I will improve at it. I’ve not been taught animation skills in class, I’ve only watched tutorials and watched lots of animation on YouTube, mostly Lego stop motion animation.

Team work. I usually don’t like working in teams. I’ve never liked working in teams, so I doubt I’d be able to change my mind towards team work. This is a problem when in the creative media industry, as a lot of the work will be team based. Some documentary film makers will work independently, for example, however that isn’t desirable for me.


University. University can be good for many things, such as skill development and gaining contacts. It also looks good for a potential employer.


Price. University prices are increasing. This means I’ll be in more debt after I finish than I would have been a few years ago. This Isn’t very appealing to me, considering I may not love the course after I finish it. I wont want to be in debt for an experience that wasn’t enjoyable to me.


Need to stand out. To really impress a university and motivate them to take me, I’d have to positively stand out from the crowd. However, I have a habit of not standing out. I’m always quiet and not outgoing, I’m also not talkative. This means, in an interview I may not present all of my ideas or skills.